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Self-mastery is the art of gaining control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is learning how to become responsible for every thought, feeling, action, and word you put out into the world. I wish I could say it was an easy process, but it is not. It is a daily commitment to growth, reflection, understanding, and caring that has taken me years to simply scratch the surface of.

‚ÄčMy goal on this platform is to put as many of the concepts and constructs of self-mastery that I can into one space. I can't give you a path to walk or a straight line to go in. I can't say that if you heal this, and then this, and then this, that you will magically heal and end up where you want to be. What I can do is offer you all of the concepts that I have come across on my own journey, show you how they played out for me, and then ask you to go look for similar ideas in your own life. From there, your job will be to find the truth of those things as they relate to you in your own life.

This platform will be divided into four main sections: Thoughts, Emotions, Behavior, and Mastering the Illusion. Each section will contain individual concepts related to the main idea. Mastering the Illusion is the goal; it is where we put it all together and figure out how self-mastery looks in real-life. When things happen in life, what do we do with them? My job here is to take all the pieces and put them together. I want to reflect on them as a whole so that you can begin to understand how to do this in your own life.

If you are already familiar with my work, the title of this website may be familiar to you as I have written a book by the same name. This website is meant to be an expansion of that book. Some of the concepts that I write about here, I've also talked about in the book. There will be some new ideas here that I didn't include in the book. 

This platform is meant to be completely free and accessible to anybody that chooses to go on the self-mastery journey. One of my early goals was to create a giant website filled with everything that I had learned along the way. I've walked away from this goal a few times because it's a big undertaking and to be honest, it was a little bit scary. There were underlying fears that I wouldn't be able to support myself while creating all this content. I've decided to just go with it. When the goal keeps coming back up, there's a reason for that. It wants to be in the world and I'm just the one lucky enough to be able to put it there. 

Love to all.



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